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FEB 2016, Shoten Kenchiku

“Lighting in the Space” magazine article on lighting and space design by LAMPIONAIO

23 3月 17
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This is the magazine article focusing on lighting product and space design by Seitaro Yonetsu with LAMPIONAIO for SHOTENKENCHIKU. It’s monthly magazine on Japanese interior design / store design / commercial architecture.

We selected unique lighting products as below for our articles.

Greta Grossman, Gino Sarfatti, Miguel Milá, Bertjan Pot, Moritz Waldemeyer, Christian Dell, Moritz Waldemeyer, Jason Miller, Daniel Rybakken, Cecirie Manz, Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus, Arik Levy, Verner Panton, Tom Dixon, Achile Castiglioni, Rich Brilliant Willing and so on.

AUG 2016, Shoten Kenchiku

Lighting in the Space, magazine article
by Seitaro Yonetsu

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